Canal and River Trust’s Business Plan Unveiled

The Canal and River Trust has published a summary of their three-year business plan 2015-2018, which sets out how they plan to raise the money to look after the waterways over the next 36 months and where they plan to spend the money.

The document, from chief executive Richard Parry, reports an encouraging financial situation at the Trust.

Commercial success means we have been able to generate significantly more money and spend £4.5m more than planned on the waterways in the past year,” they stated.

An increase in government grant from the start of this year will help ensure our spend on day-to-day charitable work increases by a further £11m over the next three years, with the bulk of that focussing on operations and maintenance, such as increases in spend on asset repairs, dredging, vegetation management, refuse and other important services.”

The plan has been shaped by customer priorities as well as their engineering expertise and features a number of local projects for the year ahead, many inspired by the local Partnerships.

BUSINESS PLAN 2015/16-17/18