Grassy Flats Restoration Project Completed

A dedicated and collaborative effort between numerous local, state, federal and private organizations is providing essential benefits to the Lake Worth Lagoon through the completion of the Grassy Flats Restoration Project in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

The 22-acre Grassy Flats Restoration Project was a cooperative effort between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Palm Beach County, Town of Palm Beach, City of Lake Worth, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Marine Industries Association and West Palm Beach Fishing Club.

The project was approved under the Estuary Restoration Act, to receive federal funding and technical assistance from the Corps.

This project restored and enhanced nearly 20 acres of critical shallow seagrass habitat by capping 13 acres of muck with sand. This will allow for the natural recruitment of seagrasses, including Johnson’s seagrass, a federally threatened species, currently growing the project area.

Additionally, two 1-acre intertidal islands were constructed with limestone rocks and will serve as mangrove, tidal marsh, tidal flat, and oyster habitats. These islands are expected to support over 195 species of fish and 89 species of birds, including 9 federally-listed and 16 State-listed species found within the Lagoon.