New Investments in British Columbia Harbors

Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, together with Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Member of Parliament for Delta-Richmond East, announced last week that the Government of Canada will invest more than $46 million over the next two years at 33 harbors in British Columbia to improve safety and working conditions for fishermen.

More than $14 million of this total investment will support improvement projects at the Steveston Harbor’s Gulf and Paramount small craft harbor sites. Together, these two sites represent the largest and most active commercial fishing hub in British Columbia.

The following projects are being carried out:


  • Replacement of the public fish sales floating docks with new, concrete structures as well as reconstruction of electrical, fire protection and water services;
  • Replacement of the deteriorated Third Avenue wharf, to be carried out over two years;
  • Replacement of deteriorated components of the Sixth and Seventh Avenue wharves;
  • Maintenance dredging.


  • Reconstruction of portions of the electrical systems in the service area and of all electrical systems on the floating timber docks;
  • Replacement of the wharves at the Fish Auction location with a new marginal wharf;
  • Replacement of the timber floating docks at the Nelson Pond;
  • Maintenance dredging.

The federal investment in BC harbors of more than $46 million mentioned above includes funding for previously announced projects at harbors in Kanaka Landing, Mission and Ladner. Projects being carried out in other communities across the province will be announced over the coming weeks.