Developing the Newhaven Flood Scheme

The Environment Agency, in partnership with Lewes District Council, is continuing works on a £9 million Newhaven flood alleviation scheme that is aimed to reduce flood risk from the sea and the river along the Ouse valley.

In May, the Agency’s contractors carried out some ground investigation works to help them better understand the ground conditions where defenses will be built throughout the town. Similar works will continue during June including drilling boreholes and digging small excavations at locations along both river banks.

Although construction of the scheme is scheduled to start in early 2016, the Environment Agency is already working to ensure that riverside developments in the town take account of the need for improved defenses and build them into designs.

The scheme, covering both banks of Newhaven, including the commercial areas near the port, will be designed to provide at least a 1-in-100-year standard of protection, taking into account the effects of climate change.

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