VIDEO: Italdraghe’s New OCTOPUS

Italdraghe, an Italian dredger builder, has just released a video about their new amphibious OCTOPUS dredger, delivered to the north east Italy at the end of March this year.

This extremely versatile multifunctional dredger boasts a whole host of innovative features that allow the dredgemaster trouble-free operation in a wide range environmental conditions.

The dredging arm, which can rotate at a 175° angle, is fitted with a BDC 250 dredging head, incorporating a dredge pump and 8 blade cutter head in a single unit. This head can be interchanged with a 500-liter excavator bucket as well as with a wide range of other accessories such as vegetation cutters and pile drivers.

With a dredging depth of 6.50 meters, the OCTOPUS is powered by an C13 Iveco 12.8-liter engine providing 510 HP continuous power at 2,100 RPM.

The easy-to-manoeuvre, self-propelled dredger is fitted with an Italdraghe-brand 100 HP rudder propeller with 40°+40° rotation, which allows the OCTOPUS to navigate independently between work sites.