IADC Young Management Days in Singapore

After a very successful event in 2014 in Dubai, the 8th Annual Young Management Days were held in Singapore from 27-29 May 2015.

Representation included 23 delegates from 7 member companies coming from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, not just technical, but also financial and legal.

Major changes in the program structure were the Meet&Greet and the introduction of the Suez Canal case.

The Meet&Greet, normally organized in the hotel bar, was held in a separate room, which allowed the participants to network and exchange much more information.

During the discussion of the Suez Canal case participants had to examine a wide range of subjects, with an emphasis on the financial aspects of such a mega project.

Overall, the program went very well and offered a sense of balance, integrating industry themes with broader economic, development and trade issues.

Check out some of the photos taken during the event:





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