More Facts About Deira Project

A Dubai-based real estate developer Nakheel yesterday appointed Van Oord to deliver the new waterfront of Deira Islands. 

Deira was constructed by Van Oord between 2005 and 2008. Deira Islands will become a new 15.3 km2 waterfront city in Dubai.

Part of the new scope is building a 23.5 km coastline and breakwaters. The two-year contract covers 8.5 km of beaches, 3.5 km of quay walls and 9.5 km of rock revetments at two of the four Deira Islands.

The work includes a 4 km stretch of waterfront, big enough to accommodate more than 500 yachts and boats, at the 4.5 km2 south island. Van Oord will also construct 2 km of breakwaters to protect the newly-created basin and beachfront.

Van Oord will deploy two cutter suction dredgers.

Nakheel has previously engaged van Oord for dredging and coastal work on its world-famous and iconic waterfront projects, including Palm Jumeirah and The World which added 300 km to Dubai’s coastline.

The project will transform Dubai’s Deira district into a world-class hub for tourism, living, retail and entertainment.

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