New Equipment for Jenkins Marine

Jenkins Marine, a company engaged in vessel charter, dredging and facilities management, purchased recently two new deck barges, JML50 and JML18.

Originally built and operated in Holland by Neptune Marine, well known in work boats for the offshore and dredging markets, JML50 has dimensions of 50m x 14m x 3m,

The barge will not only be one of the largest vessels in the Jenkins Marine fleet but also the newest, having been built in 2009. Her newly installed spud legs and impressive 1300 ton capacity will allow clients the option of using large construction items, such as crawler cranes, for their marine based projects.

JML18 is a smaller pontoon with dimensions of 18m x 12m x 1.2m and a cargo capacity of 75 tons, but will provide an additional stable work platform to the increasingly busy Jenkins Marine deck barge contingent.

Both barges are swim-ended, rectangular, flat top deck cargo barges with two spud legs for precise position holding, a shallow draft, suitable for working in close to shore and a large deck load capacity, for bulk cargoes such as rock or heavy plant.