Picture of the Day: IHC Beaver in Brazil

Two state-of-the-art IHC Beaver® cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) are performing vital work on the Madeira River running through the Santo António Dam, located six kilometers southwest of Porto Velho in Rondónia.

First cutter suction dredger, the JATUARANA I was delivered in February 2011. She is a 47.2m IHC Beaver® 6518 C CSD with a catamaran-shaped hull, and two Caterpillar diesel engines located at deck level. The vessel is equipped with a single high-pressure submerged dredge pump, mounted on the ladder.

The dredge pump is directly driven by the diesel engine, and operates via the IHC Pivoting Gearbox. It is positioned directly behind the cutter – closer to the suction mouth – enabling good suction capabilities at larger dredging depths. The diameter of the delivery pipeline is 650mm, and the maximum dredging depth is 18m.

The second vessel, delivered in November 2010, is a 32.3m IHC Beaver® 50, the JATUARANA II. Smaller than the JATUARANA I, it is ideal for working closer to the river bank in shallower water.

The dredging operation at the Santo Antonio Dam is due for completion in March 2016, and IHC will continue to work alongside the team to the end.

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