WEDA Dredger of the Year

The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) presented its 2015 Dredger of the Year Award to Michael Miller Gerhardt II at the organization’s annual Summit and Expo held at Westin Hotel in Houston, Texas, June 22-25, 2015.

This annual award is presented to a member of the WEDA community who has provided exceptional service to the organization in furthering its goals to increase information about dredging and awareness of the important role that dredging plays in the society.

The award was given to Michael Gerhardt in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the Western Dredging Association, especially his active role in expanding WEDA’s influence in South and Central America.

As Chair of the WEDA Latin America Committee and as WEDA Liaison with the Organization of American States, Michael Gerhardt has encouraged the broader mission of WEDA to reach out to all of the Americas and encourage participation in WEDA’s activities.

In addition he has fulfilled a significant role as President of WEDA’s outstanding Eastern Chapter, organizing interesting and well-attended meetings. He has also promoted the activities of WEDA in the broader dredging community through his work as Assistant Executive Director at Dredging Contractors of America.

WEDA President & Chairman of the Board of Directors Ram Mohan emphasized that “WEDA is dependent on the commitment of its members. We thank Michael for his strong support of WEDA’s regional chapters and especially its South American organizations in Brazil, Panama and Mexico.