Arcola Creek Watershed Study on the Way

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District has entered into a Feasibility Cost Share Agreement with Lake County, Ohio initiating an Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study on the Arcola Creek Watershed.

The purpose of the study is to address ecological problems and needs associated with the Arcola Creek watershed; and to develop a plan to enhance the functional capacity and biological integrity of Arcola Creek to restore water levels, provide riparian corridors, and improve in-stream habitat within the Arcola Creek watershed.

The feasibility study will evaluate potential corrective measures, which may include creation of riparian corridors, replacement of modification of culverts to allow for increased fish passage, and alternative methods that will allow for controlled water releases during dry periods to maintain important aquatic habitat year-round.

The cost share agreement was for $310,000 and will be cost shared 50% federal and 50% non-federal.