TID’s IHC Beaver Course Next Month

The Training Institute for Dredging (TID) has announced that the IHC Beaver Operator Training course will be held from 12-16 October 2015, in Kinderdijk, the Netherlands.

The training is performed with the use of a new generation extremely realistic cutter simulator.

The modern dredging operator desk of the simulator is equipped with all automation and controls which can be expected in a modern cutter suction dredger.

For this training, TID will use an IHC Beaver® Dredger 6518 simulator.

The simulator course is a highly intensive 5 day course.

In order to maximize practical simulator time the group will have a four member maximum. The focus is on practical skills and case-based theoretical explanations and exercises.

If necessary the group will be split up into two subgroups. The subgroups will follow parallel training sessions.

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