2015 Great Year for ECTMarine

ECTMarine – a Dutch supplier of dredging components, services and design, from a single spare part to a complete dredging vessel – began the year with great momentum, enthusiasm and energy. 

Development of “yard packages” for the Prime Dredge Line, Quick Dredge Technology and presentation of the ‘Core Dredge Line’ are some of the stories DT brought to you in 2015.

In an exclusive interview with Jesse Boerma, one of the managers of ECTMarine, we tried to find out more about the company’s latest developments and plans for the future.

DT: Let’s begin by introducing your company to our readers?

Jesse Boerma: ECTMarine is a company that makes high performance dredging accessible worldwide. From a single part to a complete dredging vessel, ECTMarine is able to deliver tailored solutions to your dredging equipment needs. Due to our company size and focus we are the complementary alternative to the already established suppliers. 

DT: Why would a client choose a product or service of ECTMarine?

Jesse Boerma: Due to our focus, company size and structure, we are able to deliver dredging product in a different and flexible way. We can customize in a product segment where standardization is the norm. 

Our clients can be dredging contractors as well as shipyards or suppliers in similar business. Next to delivering turn-key dredging vessels, we can enable a client to build a dredging vessel with ECTMarine products and services.

DT: In the first months of 2015 ECTMarine launched the Quick, Core and Prime dredge vessel lines. Can you tell us more about these products?

Jesse Boerma: One of our main focuses is on the small and medium sized cutter suction dredgers and all related products. Based on our extensive knowledge of dredge operation and dredge vessel design in this segment, we have developed three concepts spread over the CSD sizes 250 to 650 mm discharge diameter. Each of the three concepts is designed looking at their specific application.

2015 Great Year for ECTMarine

DT: Next to the standard range of dredging vessels your company also offers customized solutions?

Jesse Boerma: We sure do! As other suppliers we do offer a wide array of options that can be added to the standard dredging vessel. More interestingly we are able to customize our standard dredging vessel to almost any requirement. Not only the components but the basic design of the dredging vessel as well.

DT: What projects that you have executed lately?

Jesse Boerma: We have supplied the engineering packages for dredgers in the smaller sizes and a spud carrier system usable in the sizes up to CSD 400. Furthermore we have developed a range of ECTMarine cutter heads in sizes up to 250 kW. We have built, tested and delivered this product several times now.

DT: Could you tell us more about the ECTMarine cutter head?

Jesse Boerma: The cutter head is developed to fit our own line of cutter suction dredgers as well as new or existing dredging vessels of any brand with cutter power of up to 250 kW. The concept is aimed at increasing cutting efficiency and effectiveness.

Due to the production methods used, the cutter head is cost effective and comes with a short delivery time. Because of their longer wear life, excellent digging performance and easy to replace characteristics, ECTMarine has chosen to use ESCO tooth systems. With consent of the world renowned tooth systems supplier, ESCO tooth systems are integrated into all the ECTMarine cutter head designs.

DT: What are ECTMarine’s plans for the future?

Jesse Boerma: Concerning developments we will only add products to the market when we think that we can add to, or improve on, existing choice of components and products. This in mind we are in the process of developing some products and components for the smaller dredging vessels that we think will improve greatly the performance and applicability of existing dredging equipment. More detailed information on these products will follow later this year. 

DT: How satisfied are you with the company’s 2014 & 2015 business results and what are the expectations for 2016.

Jesse Boerma: In 2014 and 2015 we have focused on developing, testing and refining our products. The fact that we are already participating in dredge construction projects and delivered ECTMarine developed products can be considered as an obvious confirmation that the dredging market is ready for our innovative view on dredging equipment and the way it is build. For 2016 we expect to enhance the ECTMarine brand and bring more of our products to the dredging market.

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