Greenway to Dredge Echo Lake

Greenway Services, Inc. is about to begin Echo Lake maintenance dredging which will take place from October 1-31, 2015.

The project includes dredging and disposing of 1,500 cubic yards of accumulated sediment material from the forebay near the far end of Echo Lake and the walking trail footbridge.

The sediment forebay was added near the inlet of Echo Lake during previous dredging work in 2008 and was installed to allow the county to help maintain the life of the lake. This small pool area is designed as an initial area to trap and settle out sediment from upstream storm water activities before they actually reach the main lake area.

The forebay area was last dredged in 2012, is functioning properly and has filled up again with over 4 feet deep of sediment material within the last 3 years. This maintenance project will remove the accumulated material again.

Echo Lake is approximately 10 acres, and the drainage area encompasses 2,160 acres between Springfield, Staples Mill, and Broad Street roads.