Meetings Announced for Lower Tidal Arun

The Environment Agency will be meeting with local councils this autumn to discuss how they and others can help with future management of Lower Tidal Arun flood risk scheme.

This will include maintaining existing defenses, identifying funding for new defenses and how to deal with areas that will no longer receive funds for maintenance.

The Lower Tidal River Arun strategy outlines recommendations for managing flood risk in the Arun Valley, from Pallingham Weir to Littlehampton and Ford for the next 100 years.

In spring 2016 the Environment Agency will start to meet with local people and organisations such as the National Farmers Union, Country Landowners and Business Association, RSPB and Sussex Wildlife Trust. At these meetings they will be looking to work with these organisations over changes to the river management in some rural areas.

In spring 2017 a study will be needed to look at the best way of reducing the long-term flood risk at Pulborough Brooks, Amberley Wildbrooks and Waltham Brooks which are all internationally designated sites.