Report on Great Lakes Restoration Released

‘Sustain Our Great Lakes’ partners yesterday released a new report that summarizes Great Lakes restoration efforts supported by the program during its first 10 years.

The new report celebrates the first full decade of this innovative public‒private collaboration, with an emphasis on the on-the-ground outcomes the program has helped achieve.

Since 2006, the program has awarded 245 grants to 128 organizations, directing more than $113 million to on-the-ground projects.

This investment has been focused toward four priority issues, including aquatic connectivity, stream and riparian habitat, wetlands and shoreline habitat.

Altogether, program grants have provided support for the restoration of:

  • 1,698 miles of fish passage;
  • 198 miles of stream and riparian habitat;
  • 29,024 acres of wetland and associated upland habitat;
  • 4,160 acres of shoreline habitat.

The complete report is available HERE.

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