Picture of the Day: JULONG Weed Harvester

A brand new JULONG JLGC-1810 Aquatic Weed Harvester was commissioned in Poyang Lake, China last week.

This aquatic weed harvester has a cutting width of 180cm and cutting depth of 100cm with the load capacity of 5 cubic meters.

It has a working speed of 3km/h and cruising speed of 6km/h.

One man in the cabin can operate the weed harvester for cutting, collecting, transporting, and unloading the water plants or garbage.

This weed harvester is used for removing the water hyacinth in the lake.

Poyang Lake, located in Jiangxi Province, is the largest freshwater lake in China. The area of the lake fluctuates dramatically between the wet and dry seasons, In a normal year the area of the lake averages 3,500 square kilometers.