Rotech RS1 System Achieves Great Results

Rotech Subsea, part of the Rotech Group, has recently completed another successful project following its return to the market earlier this year.

On a recent deburial workscope, using the new RS1 system, a 20m by 60m area of clay seabed was excavated to a depth of 2m in 5 hours of operation.

The team also successfully demonstrated the ability of the pateneted RS tools to transport and backfill seabed material in a specific location when the RS1 was used in suction mode.

In the four years since the sale of their original business to Reef, Rotech’s R&D department have been busy improving the power and efficiency of their mass flow excavator designs.

As well as excavating more effectively, Rotech’s new equipment can now also capture excavated material and deposit it in a controlled manner.

The RS9 cable burial tool, currently in production, will combine all these capabilities in a tracked vehicle, allowing non-contact trenching and then backfilling of pre-laid cable in a single operation.