LUKOIL-BUNKER Fuels Sabetta Dredging Fleet

LUKOIL-BUNKER’s Murmansk branch has fueled the dredging fleet returning from the Sabetta Port (Yamal) via Murmansk.

Six dredging vessels were supplied with heavy fuel oil and diesel fuel, and the last ship was serviced on October 18, 2015.

LUKOIL-BUNKER was engaged in supplying bunker fuel to dredging fleet operating at port Sabetta in the navigation period of 2015.

The company specializes primarily in the supply of marine fuel at sea and river ports of the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

About the Sabetta Project

The arctic Port of Sabetta is located on the west bank of the Gulf of Ob in the Yamal area of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the Tyumen Region.

The new port on the Yamal Peninsula will support year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route and will be a key element of the “Northern Latitudinal Route” transportation infrastructure project, which has as its major goal the start-up of a liquefied natural gas plant in 2016 at the South Tambeyskoye Field.

This capital development project will also include:

  • four kilometers long approach channel with 420 meters width and 12 meters depth;
  • auxiliary berthing area;
  • coastal navigation aids;
  • navigation control and correction station.

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