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René Kolman, secretary general of International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC), will be presenting two papers at the World Dredging Congress (WODCON) XXI in Miami, Florida next year.

The first paper, Land Reclamation: A Viable Alternative for Port Cities, will highlight the opportunities reclamation can provide to port cities by using a cost-benefit analysis through case studies.

The second paper will be Ecosystem Services: Framework for an Integral Decision in Maritime Projects.

Kolman will present the concept of ecosystem services (ES) and how the dredging industry can make use of ES in project planning in order to quantify and measure the impact that maritime infrastructure has on the environment.

World Dredging Congresses (WODCONs) are organized once every three years by WODA, the World Organization of Dredging Associations. WODCON XXI will be held at the Hyatt Regency Miami from June 13-17, 2016.

The conference will showcase around 120 technical papers over three days covering all aspects of dredging and maritime construction.

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