VOSTA LMG at Europort 2015

VOSTA LMG will showcase a new range of floating dredge hoses with integrated quick connect coupling and a mechanical adapter for dredge cutterheads at the 2015 Europort exhibition for maritime technology in Rotterdam.

The new range of floating dredge hoses became a logic addition to VOSTA LMG’s standard range of dredge hoses after the recent introduction of the straight universal coupling.

This lightweight dredge hose coupling was developed by VOSTA LMG to make the assembly and disassembly of floating dredge hoses easier and faster.

Since the coupling replaces the functionality of the flanges it was a logic step to remove the flanges and combine the coupling and the hoses into a new product with fewer parts and less weight.

The quick connect couplings that are integrated in the new product are typically executed with a Formula 1 style manual operation and, in line with the existing range of VOSTA LMG dredge hoses, the new hoses can be supplied with color coded wear layers or embedded wear rings.

In addition to the hoses VOSTA LMG is in the final stage of developing an easy replaceable adapter system (ERAS) for dredge cutterheads. Instead of costly and time consuming welding of adapters to the cutterhead the new type of adapters can be mechanically mounted and dismounted.

Apart from the cost reduction for welding a lot of costs are saved due to a reduction in the amount of cutterheads needed to keep the cutter suction dredger running in very tough conditions.

In case only a few adapters have to be replaced this can be done quickly without removing the cutter head from the cutter shaft and thus saving on costly down time.

The ERAS system is patent pending and has already been tested extensively on specially designed test rigs.

The 2015 Europort exhibition will take place in Rotterdam from 3 to 6 November. The new floating dredge hose with integrated quick connect coupling and the mechanical adapter for dredge cutterheads will be on display at the VOSTA LMG stand 2108 in hall 2.

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