DWR Removes Flood Barrier

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has completed dismantling an emergency drought barrier that spanned West False River between Jersey and Bradford islands.

The barrier was erected in May and June to prevent saltwater from pushing with the tides into the central Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta from San Francisco Bay. It was an essential part of DWR’s strategy to maintain good water quality in the Delta, which provides water to 25 million Californians, including residents of the Delta and Contra Costa, Alameda and Santa Clara counties.

Dismantling of the approximately 750-foot rock barrier began on September 8 and was completed on schedule. About 150,000 tons of large rocks (riprap) were used to build the barrier. The removed riprap will be stored near Rio Vista for possible use if drought conditions continue and installation of an emergency drought barrier is once again deemed necessary to preserve water quality.

The material also will be available to reinforce and protect Delta levees in case of flooding this winter.

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