Mteck Delivers Electric Dredge Crane for Van Oord

Mteck BV, a Dutch based builder of custom cranes for dredging and stevedoring industries, has just delivered an electric dredge crane for Paans Van Oord.

The crane, Mteck 200E, is powered by two generators, located below the deck, and these generators are also used for the propulsion.

This piece of equipment is designed to run on one generator, if necessary the power management will automatically reduce drum and swing speeds so that production can go on if one of the generators is under maintenance or fails.

The triple roller bearing has a diameter of 2500 mm with inner teeth. Because the crane is designed as a dredge crane, two slewing gearboxes were installed to bring over the power.

Van Oord
Mteck BV photo

The operator can choose different setting for every kind of work and has also the possibility to modify each setting to his own comfort.

The complete machine has been built in accordance with the latest European NEN standards.

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