Maraspin Creek Project in Barnstable Includes Dredging

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District, has received an application for the federal permit related to the construction of a dock and boat basin in Maraspin Creek in Barnstable, Mass.

Applicant Stuart Bornstein proposes to construct and maintain a private 5-slip dock and boat basin. The applicant will remove the existing permitted wooden wharf, the two wooden bulkheads located underneath it, and riprap.

This intertidal and subtidal area under the dock will be excavated to -5 feet mean low water. Approximately 3,700 square feet of filled bulkhead and approximately 6,900 square feet of side slope will be dredged.

Approximately 3,866 cubic yards of sediment will be removed and dewatered onsite for re-use onsite or for upland disposal at a landfill.

The existing concrete bulkhead located landward of the wharf will be removed and the upland behind it will be excavated to create a revetment in line with the adjacent revetments. The sloped bank created, which will be armored with stone, will be approximately 5,000 square feet and 150 feet long. Approximately 2,700 cubic yards of material will be removed and disposed of on site or at a landfill.

A dock system will be constructed in the excavated area. A 10-foot wide, 100-foot long pile and timber pier will be constructed parallel to the shore. A 56-foot long, 20-foot high, timber pier fender system will be constructed next to the timber pier.

The deadline for sending comments on the proposed work is January 26th 2016.

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