Ninth Annual SD Report for British Marine Aggregate Industry Published

The British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA) has published its ninth annual Sustainable Development (SD) report covering the year 2014.

This builds upon the wider sustainable development initiative established by BMAPA’s parent organisation, the Mineral Products Association (MPA).

The encouraging signs of economic recovery observed during 2013 were maintained into 2014, with total marine aggregate production increasing by 7.6%.

Mark Russell, BMAPA Director, said: “Throughout the challenging economic conditions, the marine aggregate sector has maintained its commitment to transparently reporting its performance across a range of indicators.

“This report demonstrates the real-world impact of the current economic climate on an important industry sector that provides essential construction materials to support future growth, while at the same time highlighting the industry’s continuing steps and progress to improve and enhance its sustainable development credentials.”

In London and the South East of England, where one third of GB construction activity takes place and where traditionally marine supplies provide one third of all primary construction aggregate demand, landings increased by a healthy 13.8%.

The report highlights some key developments, including:

  • A total of 17.25 Mt dredged in 2014 – a 7.6% increase on 2013;
  • A re-licensing program for historic marine aggregate production licence areas was successfully completed during 2014;
  • Despite overall production increasing, the area of seabed actually dredged during 2014 reduces further, as operators introduced more detailed zoning arrangements for newly licensed areas;
  • Industry successfully completes baseline surveys for a new Regional Seabed Monitoring Program across five regions, with over 3,500 seabed sediment samples collected.