Sas van Vreeswijk Consortium Signs Beatrixsluis Contract

The Sas van Vreeswijk consortium has won a contract for the construction of the 3rd chamber Beatrix lock and the widening of the Lekkanaal.

The consortium includes BESIX, Heijmans, Jan De Nul and investors RebelValley and TDP, supported by Martens en Van Oord, specialized in earthmoving, and Agidens, for electro-mechanics.

The Sas van Vreeswijk is responsible for the design as well as the construction and the financial operations and the maintenance of the entire lock complex and the Lekkanaal for the next 27 years.

Works on this development scheme will start in the fall of 2016 and will be completed by 2019.

The contract for this project was officially signed on Friday, January 15th.

Preparation phase

These operations, which will start in the first half of 2016, will include the application of permits, archaeological surveys and additional soil tests.

Once the preparatory work is ready and everything goes according to the plan, the next phase will begin during the second half of 2016.

The construction of a third chamber is needed as more and more large ships pass the Lekkanaal.

The Lekkanaal, containing the Princess Beatrix lock, connects the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal with the Lek and is an important waterway between the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

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