New Badger Class Dredge for Rose City

Rose City Yacht Club in Portland, Oregon, recently took delivery and startup of a new 8-inch Badger Class dredge from Reserve, Louisiana-based DSC Dredge, LLC.

The Badger dredge was a much-needed replacement for an older dredge the club had purchased used and had operated for more than 20 years.

The Badger is an 8-inch cutter suction conventional-style dredge. The dredge’s compact size and maneuverability are ideally suited to marina operations, and its 8-inch Metso pump produces more than enough volume of material and static head to accommodate the dredging parameters required by the marina.

With a working width of just under 10 feet and an overall length of 54 feet, including the ladder, the Badger dredge can be maneuvered into harder-to-reach waterways not accessible by larger crafts, yet it can still dig to a depth of 20 feet at a 60-degree down angle on the ladder.

The lateral cut achieved by the Badger dredge at maximum depth is approximately 50 feet. At Rose City Yacht Club, the Badger dredge removes and pumps material from the marina’s slips and fairways to a holding pond, where the water is decanted off. The remaining spoils are mixed and used for landscaping fill.

The Columbia River is the largest river on the West Coast of North America. As with most marinas, siltation and sanding at Rose City Yacht Club becomes a never-ending point of concern.

Because it cuts through the Cascade Mountains, the river brings a large quantity of sand and silt with it as it nears the Pacific Ocean. The nature of the spring runoffs on the Columbia River causes the majority of its siltation challenges.

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