WODA to Present Environmental Excellence Awards

The World Organization of Dredging Associations (WODA) has just announced that the organization will, for the first time, present the 2016 WODA Environmental Excellence Awards.

The overall process and criteria are similar to the annual Environmental Excellence Awards initiated by WEDA in 2011.

Three Environmental Excellence Awards will be given, one for each of three dredging categories.


The categories are based upon the objective of the dredging project:

  1. Dredging for Navigation (purpose is to create or maintain navigation channels);
  2. Environmental Dredging (purpose is environmental enhancement, e.g., remediation or wetland creation); and
  3. Dredging for Sand and Gravel Extraction (purpose is to extract sand and gravel for such actions as concrete production, land development, or beach nourishment).

The awards will be presented in June during the 21st World Dredging Congress & Exposition (WODCON XXI) in Miami, Florida, USA.

Deadline for submitting applications for the 2016 WODA Environmental Excellence Awards is 15 April 2016.

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