VIDEO: ACETube Dewatering System Introduced

ACE Geosynthetics, a manufacturer of geosynthetic fabric and geosynthetic products, such as geogrid and geotextile, has just released a video about their ACETube® (Geotextile Tube) Dewatering System, that can make dredging faster and more efficient. 

ACETube® is integrated with single or multiple pieces of high-strength and high permeability polypropylene or polyester synthetic fabric and is theoretically applicable to diverse dimensions.


Sediment deposition in river, channel or reservoir will increase biochemical oxygen demand and consumption of dissolved oxygen in water, which might release a variety of organic pollutants and compounds to affect water quality.

Also, it will affect water discharge and storage capacity of the reservoir.

Taking the advantage of the structure flexibility, ACETube® is permitted to readily adapt for varied landforms, field conditions and sewage treatment plants as well.

Despite sand or mortar filled, ACETube® is taken as semi-permanent structure in the marine engineering applications.