Piedroba, HR Wallingford Host Dredging Symposium

Piedroba Consulting Group (PCG) and HR Wallingford will be hosting a half day Dredging Symposium, designed for dredge project owners.

The primary focus of the course, set for June 12th at the Hyatt Regency Miami, will be to address topics for the improvement of the dredging project management process; from concept development through post project close out.

The format of the course will center on lecture materials juxtaposed by periodic, open forum discussion to ensure full assimilation of content.

All lectures will be delivered by a joint team of PCG and HR Wallingford instructors.

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to afford to each participant knowledge and understanding of the most modern and advanced dredge project management tools and methods currently available.

Upon completing the course, each participant should have a fundamental understanding of these techniques and be able to apply them effectively on any dredge project.

Training Program

The course will be divided into four lectures:

  • Course Introduction and Introduction to Dredging;
  • Concept Development and Design of Dredge Projects;
  • Procurement of Dredge Projects;
  • Management of Dredge Projects.

The course will conclude with an open format symposium session, where participants and instructors may interact and discuss actual projects and participant needs.

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