Team Van Oord Continues with the North Norfolk Scheme

Working on behalf of the Environment Agency, Team Van Oord is making good progress on the latest phase of major works to maintain the sea defenses between Sea Palling and Winterton in North Norfolk.

The latest phase is part of the Environment Agency’s long-term Coastal Management Plan to protect the coast in this part of East Anglia, and Team Van Oord first began working in the area back in 2008.

Under the present scheme, timber and steel groynes which have reached the end of their working life are being replaced by new 70-80m long groynes built from 10-15 tonne rocks, similar to those built over the last 15 years on this stretch of coastline.

Around 24,000 tonnes of rock has been transported by barge from Norway. Due to its size, the main barge remains anchored offshore while a smaller barge transfers the rock to the beach in loads of around 1,200 tonnes.

The smaller barge arrives at the beach at high tide and unloads the rock which is then picked up at low tide by excavators and placed into its final position.

The work is taking place on a sensitive part of the coastline and the timing is governed by the need to accommodate nesting Little Terns and the Grey Seal pupping season.

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