Damen DOP Dredge Pump Used for Tunnel Construction

A new motorway construction project is currently ongoing in the northern Netherlands province of Friesland with the help of Damen DOP dredge pump.

One of the civil engineering works required in the project is an aqueduct under the “Princess Margriet Canal”.

The building pit of the tunnel has been dug by excavators. As the pit floor is to be completely level to receive the tunnel elements, the DOP200 was brought in to clean the building pit.

The DOP200, doing the cleaning action of all material left by the excavators, is attached to a pontoon-based excavator. The DOP200 will reach a max dredging depth of -13 m.

Currently the production is some 900 m³/h of solids per working day, delivering the material to a depot nearby.

The tunnel elements are prepared on site. Once the building pit is completely level & clean, the elements are positioned and put into place. In October 2016, the new motorway will be finished and open for the public.