Hanhikivi Oil Spill Stops Dredging Project

An oil spill occurred yesterday morning, October 6th, at the coast of Hanhikivi Headland while Terramare Ltd. was conducting hydraulic construction work.

The company was performing dredging operations in the area when the bottom of the barge hit the ocean floor causing the oil spill.

Approximately 300 liters of oil leaked to the sea, which formed about 200 meters long and 150 meters wide oil slick.

Rescue Department located the oil slick quickly and began the oil spill response work. Currently Rescue Service has four vessels at the location that continue the oil spill response work.

Terramara’s barge was given permission to leave and is now on its way to the Raahe harbor for inspection and repair.

The Coast Guard Center of The Finnish Border Guard is in charge of the situation and the response work.

Fennovoima has decided to halt the dredging work for now. “An oil spill at the sea area is always a serious matter. Such environmental damage shouldn’t be a part of any construction work and is in no way acceptable,” said Fennovoima’s Project Director Minna Forsström.

We expect Terramare to provide a report of the accident and new guidance for their work procedures at Hanhikivi headland. We will evaluate the report and guidance together with the plant supplier RAOS Project and main contractor Titan-2. Only if these materials meet our requirements the dredging work can continue,” Forsström added.

Titan-2 and Terramare signed the hydraulic construction work contract in July 2016.

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