Aquatec: Winner of Equipment Awards 2016 Announced

Aquatec Group, a UK based builder of instruments, services and solutions for measurement, monitoring and communication underwater, has just announced that the winner of the Equipment Awards 2016 – Phase 1 is Nicholas Jordan from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Nicholas’s project on the Impacts of Shoreline Protection Structures on Sediment Transport in the Great Lakes ticked all of the boxes, showing great innovation and practicality of the experiment.

The winner used the AQUAscat 1000LT for his research project throughout the months of August and September 2016.

The AQUAscat transmits pulses of high frequency sound on two transducers, each of which operate at a different frequency.

It measures the sound scattered by sediment or other suspended materials at 10 mm spatial intervals, giving profiles of 2.5m.

Profiling allows sediment dynamics such as resuspension and entrainment to be explored, which is not possible with single point measurements.