PHOTO NEWS: DEME Opens New Office in Germany

Image source: DEME
Image source: DEME

DEME Group, a Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering company, opened its new office in Bremen, Germany yesterday.

Since last year, DEME is consolidating all German activities in Bremen and the office serves as the regional headquarters for the company’s operations in Germany.

For almost 50 years, different companies of the DEME Group have been active in Germany in maintenance dredging projects and marine engineering activities.

For example, DEME’s GeoSea has been involved in the installation of several German offshore wind farms.

DEME’s core business of dredging and land reclamation is supplemented by diversified activities that address different strategic drivers and future global challenges:

  • complex hydraulic projects at sea;
  • services to oil and gas firms;
  • environmental activities such as soil remediation and sediment recycling;
  • revalidation of brownfield sites;
  • wreck clearance.