Waterking Presents New Multi Dredger with Damen Pump

Waterking BV, a Dutch company involved in the production of amphibious excavators, has presented a complete new multi purpose machine, equipped with Damen dredge pump.

Earlier this month, this Waterking Multi Dredger completed its first successful test for a customer from Hungary.

The machine has an operating radius of 360° and a working range of 13 meters.

The machine is designed for operating on land and on water, which makes it highly efficient.

It is impossible for the dredger to sink and it can work under any circumstance, Waterking stated in its announcement.

“When dredging takes place in vegetated swamp areas you can easily remove the debris with the Waterking Multi Dredger by using a bucket or rake. This makes the machine multi-functional, you can dig and dredge without using an additional machine,” explained Ageeth Roelofs from Waterking.

The special Damen dredge pump is wear resistant and directly driven by a power-pack.