Aquamec Launches New Watermaster Dredger – Classic V

The Finnish company Aquamec Ltd. has launched its new Watermaster dredger – Classic V, with 50% more suction dredging capacity compared to the Classic IV model.

Aquamec’s research and development work has also generated the Watermaster Urban dredging concept and new features for hard soil dredging.

With a bigger Watermaster Cutter Pump, together with a more powerful engine and other new features, the Classic V reaches 900 m³/h pumping output.

“It would be easy to increase dredging capacity by growing the size and weight of the dredger, but at the same time you would lose the excellent mobility, which is the key feature of an amphibious dredger,” said Mr. Lauri Kalliola, Managing Director of Aquamec.

“The challenge has been to increase dredging capacity while keeping the dredger compact, mobile and robust at the same time. Watermaster is a unique combination of these features.

The size of the Watermaster has stayed basically the same (20 tons) since the first generation model, Classic I, but the capacity has nearly tripled since then.

The Classic V model has gone through an extensive test program over the last two years.

The new hard soil cutter crown together with the bigger, more powerful hydraulic motor take Watermaster Classic V to a new capacity level in hard soil dredging.

The amphibious multipurpose Watermaster dredgers are used worldwide in flood prevention, deepening shallow waterways, cleaning urban canals, building infrastructure in water environment and industrial-pond maintenance work.

With its large selection of heavy duty attachments, the versatile Watermaster can do all the work that conventionally requires separate machines, including dredging, excavating, raking, piling and hammering.


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