Trimble Introduces Marine Inertial Positioning System

Image source: Trimble
Image source: Trimble

Trimble has released a precise Marine Inertial Positioning System which provides robust 3D position, attitude and orientation data in the most challenging of marine environments.

It’s targeted at marine contractors who are constructing ports or waterways with dredging, placement or piling machines that need reliable position and orientation data.

This system ensures precise data can be integrated with single beam or multibeam sonar allowing the hydrographic survey vessel to undertake progress and ‘as built’ surveys.

The system integrates a Trimble dual antenna GNSS receiver with the IMU sensor in one housing to compute a tightly coupled solution – resulting in the most robust positioning solution possible.

It will keep delivering position and attitude even when used in compromising marine situations such as a congested port.

Its performance surpasses loosely coupled solutions of a dual GNSS antenna receiver cabled to an IMU (Pitch Roll Heave) sensor.

“Data is delivered while dead reckoning in cases where satellite coverage is limited for short periods – to maintain your productivity,” the company said in its announcement.

The system can be used on new installations or as a drop-in replacement to the existing INS system.

The real-time data outputs are industry standard messages including heave that the existing marine software will be able to import.