DPC Award for Boskalis in ‘Dredging Support Vessel’ Category

The Boskalis multi-purpose vessels Ndeavor and Ndurance won the Innovation Award in the category ‘Dredging Support Vessel’ yesterday evening, during the IHS DPC Innovation Awards ceremony in London.

The jury praised the innovative design and multi-functionality of the vessels.

The vessels are able to execute multiple tasks: dredging, transportation and accurate installation of rock, solid ballasting of platforms and installation of offshore structures.

The vessels can also be refitted into fully-fledged cable laying vessels. Furthermore, the Ndurance can be fitted out with the Trenchformer, an unmanned vehicle that is able to dig trenches up to three meters into the seabed and lay cables.

The new ‘jet trencher’ on the Ndeavor is able to bury existing cables at greater depths.

Both vessels went into service in 2015 and have an impressive track record.


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