Team Van Oord Tops EA Rankings

Team Van Oord (TVO) has topped the rankings in an annual sustainability assessment program carried out by the Environment Agency.

TVO is one of a number of consortia listed on Lot 4 of the Environment Agency’s WEM (Water & Environment Management) Framework, which covers ‘asset delivery’.

Each year all contractors listed on the WEM Framework have to complete the ‘Schedule 14 Audit’ which comprises a questionnaire covering a number of sustainability-related topics including: achieving value through sustainable solutions; materials risk assessment (including timber and steel piles); and the use of low carbon concrete.

The answers provided by WEM partners are assessed and then given one of the following four grades; ‘non-compliant’, ‘areas to work on’, ‘compliant’ and ‘leading the way’.

At the end of the process TVO emerged with the highest score of all Lot 4 partners.