EMSAGG Dredging Seminar Starts Tomorrow in Edinburgh

The European Marine Sand and Gravel Group (EMSAGG) is about to examine the latest developments in dredging from sea bed optimization to dredging techniques and technologies.

This EMSAGG seminar, to take place on November 18th 2016 at the the Lyell Centre in Edinburgh, will cover the latest developments on techniques for dredging.

Marine sand and gravel continues to make an important contribution to the development of European economies, with demand expanding for numerous end uses. Planning to meet future demand, by ensuring long-term resources are available and responsibly managed, is an important factor towards achieving sustainable development at a European level.

Competing activities can impact on the seabed and mapping sea beds, collating relating data and sea bed optimization can help to assess and plan for sustainable management of the sea beds.

The seminar will explore approaches to planning and licencing, particularly in Scotland, England and Wales, as well as the use of available data for marine activities and habitat protection.

It will also discuss sea bed optimization in the context of marine aggregate dredging.

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