Jackson Creek Dredging About to Begin

Marine construction company Docks of the Bay from Irvington, VA, has started survey work at the mouth of Jackson Creek in Deltaville prior to the dredging operations.

According to the local news provider, Southside Sentinel, Jackson Creek dredging project is scheduled to begin within the next couple of days.

The company has already delivered all necessary equipment that will be used during the dredging to the Deltaville Boat Yard.

This $135,000 dredging project is to be completed in the next 45 days, starting December 15, said Middlesex County Administrator Matt Walker at the recent meeting of Middlesex Board of Supervisors.

The funding for the project came from a $118,000 Virginia Port Authority Board Grant and 17,000 will be paid from public and private sources.

This is a second phase of the Jackson Creek dredge project. The first phase was done in 2013 at a cost of $102,570.

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