Expanded Panama Canal Welcomes Largest Vessel to Date

The Panama Canal last week welcomed the largest capacity vessel to-date to transit the expanded locks – the 10.589 TEU neopanamax containership Valparaiso Express.

This passage ushers in a new era of mega-ships that are now able to transit the Expanded Canal since its inauguration in June this year, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) said in its official announcement.

The new locks, which are 70 feet wider and 18 feet deeper than those in the original canal, are able to accommodate neopanamax vessels carrying up to 13.000 to 14.000 TEUs.

Since the opening on June 26, the new locks have recorded more than 500 ship transits.

According to the ACP, a number of major liners have rerouted their service to the canal since it opened for business to take advantage of the time savings the new waterway provides.