Flushing Bay Dredging Project Starts Soon

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is about to start work on a $34 million Flushing Bay dredging project.

According to DEP, works will be carried out in the vicinity of the World’s Fair Marina in order to improve the health of the waterway and significantly reduce nuisance odors.

DEP also reported that equipment is being mobilized this week with preparatory work to begin thereafter. The dredging is anticipated to be completed in 2017, while the wetland expansion and planting will continue over the next several years.

This $34 million dredging and wetland expansion project will help to clean up Flushing Bay and improve the quality of life for the residents of northern Queens,” said DEP Acting Commissioner Vincent Sapienza.

This Flushing Bay dredging project will help protect our city’s greatest resource—our waterways. The project will bring environmental benefits which include enhancing the wetland habitat, improving the ecology of the bay, and reducing odors,” said Council Member Costa Constantinides, Chair of the Council’s Environmental Protection Committee.

Beginning in January, long-reach excavators situated on floating barges will dredge 91,000 cubic yards of sediment over a 17.5 acre area in the vicinity of the World’s Fair Marina and two combined sewer outfalls.

In addition, non-native trees, 78 deteriorated timber piles and an abandoned pier will be removed to improve views along a portion of the 1.4-mile long Flushing Bay Promenade.

The work will conclude with the enhancement of more than three-acres of wetland habitat, which will naturally filter the water in the Bay, including mudflats, intertidal marsh and high marsh.

During the dredging, a turbidity curtain will be installed to isolate the work area from the rest of the Bay and there will be continuous monitoring of water quality and any odors. The extracted sediment will be processed, dewatered and transferred for offsite disposal.

The dredging of Flushing Bay is part of an agreement between New York City and New York State that aims to improve the ecological health and cleanliness of New York City Harbor.

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