CETA Opens New Opportunities for Dredging Companies

The European Parliament convincingly granted its final endorsement to the EU-Canada Free Trade Agreement (CETA) on Wednesday, 15 February.

Eight years after CETA negotiations began the European Parliament gave its’ final vote today on the free trade agreement.

The vote follows a long and difficult process, in which the Belgian region of Wallonia threatened to capsize the whole agreement.

According to Danish Shipowners’ Association, a majority of the European Parliament stuck with the view that CETA is the most modern and progressive trade agreement that the EU has ever negotiated, and thus voted in favor of the agreement.

“The approval of CETA by the European Parliament provides a much needed victory for positive globalization and the wider EU trade policy,” said Simon Bergulf, Director of EU Affairs at Danish Shipowners’ Association.

He emphasized that the agreement contains an ambitious maritime chapter that will ensure continued free and fair access for European shipping companies to Canadian ports and present new opportunities for feeder and dredging services.


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