PHOTO: Van Oord Duo in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Since early 2016, Van Oord has been working on one of Taiwan’s largest land reclamation projects, the Port of Kaohsiung expansion scheme.

The port, largest and most important in Taiwan, each year welcomes more than 10 million containers, which are transshipped through this port.

In the past, the port has been expanded inland several times in order to accommodate the growing number of transhipment companies and industries.

This time, however, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation decided to expand offshore, hiring Van Oord for the land reclamation and port expansion works.

The expansion will result in extra capacity for the port on a yearly basis by 2018. In order to achieve this, 37 million cubic meters of sand is being dredged to reclaim 250 hectares of new land.

Van Oord has deployed two of its largest trailing suction hopper dredgers to the site: the Vox Máxima and the Rotterdam. Recently another dredger was brought in to assist in the operations, the TSHD Balder R.

The deadline for completing the project is January 2018.

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