Absecon Island Beach Replenishment Starts in April

New Jersey’s last major Post-Sandy recovery project, the Absecon Island scheme is set to begin this April, according to the Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin.

The $63 million beach fill project will be carried out jointly by the Cranford-based Weeks Marine company, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and DEP.

The Absecon Island project covers 8.1 miles of shoreline in Atlantic City, Longport, Margate and Ventnor.

DEP reported that the Ventnor and Atlantic City portions entail replenishment of beaches already designed to the Corps’ standards. The Longport and Margate sections involve new construction to bring beaches to USACE standards.

Beaches 200 feet wide will be constructed and dunes will be restored to an elevation of approximately 15 feet above mean sea level in Atlantic City. Longport, Margate and Ventnor will get 100-foot-wide beaches and dunes that are nearly 13 feet above mean sea level.

Atlantic City will see fill placed from Oriental Avenue to Jackson Avenue, as well as five outfall extensions or repair. The plan also calls for 0.3 miles of seawall and bulkhead construction along the Absecon Inlet frontage of Atlantic City.

The tentative schedule for the $63.3 million Absecon Island project is as follows:

  • Atlantic City: Early April through late June;
  • Longport: Late April to late June;
  • Margate: Late June through late August;
  • Ventnor: Early September through early October.