New Waterking 220 NG-5 for Hungarian Customer

Image source: Waterking BV

Waterking BV, a Dutch company involved in the production of amphibious excavators, recently delivered a new WK 220 NG-5 to a Hungarian customer.

“The machine is equipped with a DAMEN dredge pump and directly driven by a custom made power-pack,” said Waterking in its release.

“Our mechanic and operator went to Hungary this month. They flew over to assist and inform the customer about the possibilities of the WK 220 NG-5.”

The four day training included assembling and disassembling of the amphibious excavator.

The new WK 220 NG-5 model undercarriage has several improvements such as newly designed tracks with a slightly different shape which enhances the movability of the amphibious undercarriage.

The tensioning system for the chains has been also adjusted to improve the usability. To improve durability, the bottom plate of the undercarriage has been reinforced with a different type of steel.