Dover Western Docks Revival Project Gathers Momentum

A new marine safety exclusion zone has been established in the harbor as the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) marine civil engineering project gathers momentum, reports the Port of Dover.

The safety zone will provide a marked delineation between the dedicated swim and leisure zone and the marine construction area to the east of the Prince of Wales Pier. The zone will be defined by the Prince of Wales Pier to the west and the shoreline to the north, reported the port.

According to the port, this is an extension to the existing 50m safety zone which was in place, adjacent to the Prince of Wales Pier, during recent height reduction works. This is essential to ensure the safety of all marine and leisure users during the construction and piling phases of the project.

The safety zones will be signposted at various locations along the seafront Esplanade. Due to the waterborne noise generated by the piling activity swimming prohibition notices will also be posted advising when it is safe to swim, the port added.

The Port of Dover General Manager of Operations and Harbor Master, Paul Brown, said: “For their own safety marine and leisure users may not enter the restricted area at any time as indicated by the line of buoys shown in yellow in the diagram. 

“During construction, marine users should expect to see a significant increase in construction craft movements in and around the Western docks. These include large-scale dredgers, crane barges, multi-cats/tugs and safety boats.”

The safety zone will be in place throughout the construction period.


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