All Set for CHC Annual Public Meeting

Cowes Harbor Commission (CHC) has announced that the Annual Public Meeting for all harbor users and stakeholders will be held on Thursday, 25th May 2017.

According to CHC, the meeting is an opportunity for the commission to report on its work over the past year and answer questions from attendees.

Harbor Master Capt. Stuart McIntosh will deliver a presentation of the Annual Report 2016-17. The presentation will include information on the Port Master Plan, an update on the Cowes Outer Harbor Project, and news on the Sustainable Maintenance Dredging Management Plan.

The Plan for the Medina Estuary was first proposed in CHC’s Strategic Framework of 2011 and has been reiterated in CHC’s current Strategic Plan 2016-21.

Under the Plan, maintenance dredging activities will be coordinated to maintain, as far as is possible, a sustainable balance between navigational requirements, harbor improvements, and natural estuarial features.

The Annual Public meeting will take place at the Island Sailing Club in Cowes, starting at 1900.